Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: the desire to succeed. Below are the Distinguished Young Women of Pennsylvania participants for the Class of 2021.

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Emilie Thibeault

City: Paradise

College Preference:

Career Goals:


Zoey Ondako

Lawrence County

City: New Castle

College Preference: Marshall University

Career Goals: Pharmacy

Talent: Contemporary Dance (Happy, by Leona Lewis)

Micaela Shackleford

Pennsylvania At-Large

City: Devon

College Preference:

Career Goals: Psychology, International Affairs

Talent: Voice and Guitar 

Justine Snowden

Pennsylvania At-Large

City: Midland

College Preference: Musical Education

Career Goals: To pursue a career in musical theater

Talent: Singing and Acting (The Wizard and I, by Indina Menzel)

Shriya Suresh

Pennsylvania At-Large

City: Sewickley

College Preference: University of Michigan

Career Goals: Business

Talent: Singing (Desh Thillana, by Lalgudi Jayaraman)

Jessi Walton

Pennsylvania At-Large

City: New Brighton

College Preference:

Career Goals:

Talent: singing (Can't Help Falling In Love, by Performed by Twenty One Pilots)

Mikenzie Juskalian

Pennsylvania At-Large

City: West Chester

College Preference:

Career Goals: Physical therapist or job in genetic field

Talent: Baton Twirling 

Gabrielle Dickerson

Pennsylvania At-Large

City: Beaver

College Preference: Baylor University

Career Goals: Dermatology

Talent: Piano (Flower Dance, by DJ Okawari)

Emma Andrews

Pennsylvania At-Large

City: New Holland

College Preference:

Career Goals: Nursing or Midwifery


Isabella DiPietrantonio

Pennsylvania At-Large

City: Beaver

College Preference: Hood College

Career Goals: Art Therapist/Counselor

Talent: Vocal/Guitar Performance (Forgiveness in the Form of Yellow , by Isabella DiPietrantonio )

Heather Galio

Pennsylvania At-Large

City: Macungie

College Preference: Penn State University

Career Goals: Environmental Sustainability Advocate

Talent: Ballet en Pointe (Act III: Variation: Kitri, by LĂ©on Minkus)

Sara Adkins

Pennsylvania At-Large

City: Denver

College Preference: University of Richmond

Career Goals: High school German teacher, foreign diplomat

Talent: Modern Jazz Dance (Bravado, by Lorde)

Isabella Gibson

Pennsylvania At-Large

City: Cranberry Township

College Preference: Case Western Reserve

Career Goals: Law and Medicine

Talent: Piano Presentation (Clair de Lune, by Claude Debussy)

Milana Schechtman

York County

City: Seven Valleys

College Preference: New York University Tisch

Career Goals: Broadway Performer

Talent: Dance (Feeling Good, by Michael Buble)

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